The Aesthetic Weasel – Richard Savery/Juan Rubio/Improvising Computer

This is my first work designed to explore human-computer interactions based on improvisation.  The concept is still a work in progress, but will be related to my thesis as part of ICIT due to be completed in May 2015.

I aimed to implement a simplistic model that explored two self imposed restrictions. Firstly, no physical interaction; all information would come from a microphone on the sax and one on the drums (I did have an iPad connected in case of emergency). My second restriction was that there would be no pre-recorded material, with each decision made based on a series of probabilities, and then performed through a virtual instrument.

The computer part listens to both the drums and saxophone through a microphone on each and then “musically” performs based on this information.


Performed Wednesday the 14th of May, Winfred Smith Hall, UCI as part of an ICIT Concert

Richard Savery – Bari Sax
Juan David Rubio – Drums



PDF Score here – An Aesthetic Weasal Richard Savery

MaxMSP – Weasel Project

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