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Musical Interactivity Through Alternate Controllers

Below is a research paper exploring some of my research from Spring 2014.  The first half starts with my research and is followed by implementations.  To view and listen to just the major project that was developed (an xbox controller instrument) go to – – or the same information is […]

Zert – Septet Composition

Zert – Richard Savery The original concept of Zert was to explore orchestration through the use of a slightly unusual larger ensemble. With orchestration in mind I aimed to showcase each individual performer at one time or another throughout the piece. Zert (Czech for Joke) is dedicated to Bill Motzing, […]

Game Audio Interviews

As part of my work with the Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) I have the chance to interview various composers and sound designers.  Links to the interviews (hosted on the GANG site) below.   Lennie Moore and Franck Sauer on the OUTCAST Reboot (April 2014) Lennie Moore and Fresh3d Creative Director Franck Sauer about […]

Sean Wayland Interview

In 2010 I had some general questions for Sean Wayland about composition and music.  We ended up turning it into an interview style scenario, and since then he’s posted it on his site here and it’s been reposted on the Australian Jazz Realbook’s Site and now 4 years later I’m finally uploading […]