Annushka is a side project of the Marianna Ensemble. They perform a variety of original and traditional music. 1.) The Gig 2.)Camillo Composed by Blake Keep 3.) Harlot’s House Composed by Richard Savery Text by Oscar Wilde 4.)Russian Medley Svetit Mesyats – Kalinka Malinka – Korobushka Traditional 5.) Dead Man’s Face Was My Own Composed by Richard Savery Lyrics by Anna Okunev 6.) Sand Bar Composed by Blake Keep 7.) Festive Minor 8.) Dark Eyes Traditional 9.) Dunaij Trad

released 11 November 2011 Anna Okunev – Violin/Vocals Blake Keep – Acoustic Guitar/Vocals Matt Gough – Steel String Guitar Richard Savery – Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Bari Sax
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released 07 July 2012 Maria Okunev – vocals/piano/guitar Anna Okunev – Violin Blake Keep – Guitar/Vocals Richard Savery – saxophone/clarinetRecorded/Mixed/Mastered by Richard Savery in July 2012