iSax 0.1


In the final quarter of 2014 I worked on developing an interface using TouchOSC on my iPad that replicated saxophone fingerings.  It was one of my first attempts at creating an alternate instrument, based on an old design.

There’s many improvements I’d like to make to the system, to increase expression and allow for greater control.


Below there’s a recording of one the pieces I composed for the iSax.  Admittedly it’s a couple of different takes sliced together, but the melody is still all performed on the iSax.  There’s a PDF of the score available here – CVA Synth

This piece was performed in December 2013, but unfortunately I don’t have footage of that performance.





On the 11th of December, 2013 I performed “Rainbow Connection” (arranged by Ryan Rost) with Martim Galvao on drum pad, Ryan Rost on the push, and myself on the iSax.



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