It’s Yours – Improvisations with Paul Taylor Sinclair

It’s Yours – by Paul Taylor Sinclair 

A series of improvisations organised by Paul Taylor Sinclair.  The improvisation are based off a chance selection (chosen from a coin toss involving 6 coins, that are to be carried at all times) from  I Ching (Book of Changes).   One member of the ensemble throws their coins and then reads the chosen passage to themselves and then begins the improvisation.  At the end of each improvisation the passage is then read out loud.

Over the course of Spring, 2014 we recorded a new version most weeks at various locations around UCI.

The recordings are very much live samples; recorded in an untreated room with a single mic, but give an idea of the progression of the concept and are part of our continuing study of improvisation.

Sessions often involved extra guests.

You can see all of Paul’s videos here.  I play in quite a few of them.

Full track details/more info is below



April 4, 2014 

Paul Taylor Sinclair – Clarinets
Richard Savery – Flute/Bari Sax

Piece length and instrument changes chosen by chance

1st – Unknown –

2nd – No 51 (Read by Paul)
Rolling Thunder
Sometimes a shock to the system will awaken you to the reality of your situation

3rd – No 34 (Read by Richard)
Coming From A Powerful Place
A righteous combination of power and goodness makes you irresistible, use it don’t abuse it.
A goat is butting a hedge.. It can’t go forward and it can’t go back.

4th – No 46 (Read by Paul)
Growing for it
Make the effort to reach upward and attain your goals.

5th – No 12 (Read by Richard)
When all around you are losing their heads you can keep yours simply by standing still.
If you stand still too long it can lead to stagnation.

6th – No 29 (Read by Paul)
Making good your escape
By being calm you will get out of this place.


April 12, 2014 

Paul Taylor Sinclair – Clarinets
Richard Savery – Alto Sax

Piece length and instruments chosen by chance.  In this case two 20 minute solos were chosen.

No 57 (Performed and read by Richard)
Breezing along
Be like the wind that keeps blowing in the same direction

No 18 (Performed and read by Paul)
Working on it
When you know the job has got to be done, the sooner you get to work, the better you’ll feel.


April 16, 2014

Paul Taylor Sinclair – Clarinets
Richard Savery – Bass Clarinet/Bari Sax
Juan David Rubio – Drums

Piece length and instruments chosen by chance.

No 30
At the end of the day there is the temptation to indulge in drunken revelry or wallow in melancholy, resist it.

No Unknown
No unnecessary ornamentation is required.  The design does not get in the way

No 60
Knowing your limitations.


30th of April, 2014

Paul Taylor Sinclair – Clarinets
Richard Savery – Bass Clarinet/Bari Sax
Shih-wei Willie Wu  – Taiko/Shakuhachi

No 38
The Strange Connection of Opposites
Differences can be a cause of conflict or dance.

No 36
Accidents happen, sometimes they work to your advantage.


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