The Dead Man’s Face Was My Own
Short Film directed by Vonne Patiag
All Music By Richard Savery

Detective Parker is called to a murder scene only to find the dead man has his face. The mystery unravels around the true identities of the victim and detective.

A modern crime film noir.

released 07 July 2011
Anna Okunev – Violin
Will Gilbert – Trumpet
Jono Savery – Clarinet
Richard Savery – Alto Sax, Guitar, Bass Guitar



Zombie Birds
Short Horror Comedy directed by Vonne Patiag
All Music By Richard Savery

When all the birds in the world disappear under mysterious circumstances, a lonely woman takes her aviary obsessed boyfriend on a picnic only to find that the birds are back, zombified, and looking for revenge.

Combining Grindhouse and the silent film era.

Score composed September 2013
Anna Okunev – Violin
Richard Savery – Sax/guitar




Paul Murphy is an original writer/director creating unique works.

Two Short Films by Paul Murphy
“Deep Sleep”
Deep Sleep describes the journey of a man left in a coma and the path of his family.

“Heavy Suitcase”
The decisions in your life can shape how and what you become. This film examines one of these decisions.



Composed by Richard Savery

All music written for 2013 short film Yang, directed by Vonne Patiag.

“A woman’s encounter with material evil.”

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The music on this album was composed for a TV Pilot Episode – Sebabs Ads.

“Sebabs Ads is a comedy about two friends trying to make their low budget ad agency thrive in hard financial times through creativity and adventure!”

Trailer here:

released 06 January 2010