Eclectic Projects

A collection of tracks from different projects

Once Upon a Platform
Composed for a short film in 2011 combining elements of classical music with drums and electric guitar.


King Ratty
Composed for a Jazz Ensemble in 2011


Rock Horror
Composed in 2010 for an online TPS


Arid Wasteland
Atmospheric opening for a 2012 film


Baa Baa Back Sheep
Arranged for a children’s iOS game.

Composed for a 2016 iOS and android game.

Timeloss – RPG
Composed for an unreleased open world RPG called ‘Timeloss’ in Feb 2010.  Designed as background music through open areas

All compositions by Richard Savery, recorded May 2013.



All music written for 2013 short film Yang, directed by Vonne Patiag.

“A woman’s encounter with material evil.”

more info:

The Aesthetic Weasel

Composed for Improvising Computer/Drums/Sax – more info here

You can also read more on my work in musical artificial intelligence and creativity here



The Dead Man’s Face Was My Own

Composed in 2011 for a modern film noir short.

Sebab’s Ads 

Composed in 2010 for a modern retro inspired TV pilot episode. 

Sebabs Ads is a comedy about two friends trying to make their low budget ad agency thrive in hard financial times through creativity and adventure!

Zombie Birds
Composed in 2013 for a short horror comedy, combining Grindhouse with the silent film era.



Video Game Show Reel

Film Show Reel


Dating iOS Game

Aggressive Female

Aggresive Male

Suave Male

Suave Female

Lose Round

Win Round


Classical Works 

2 pieces composed in 2012/13.  One combining a String Trio (Violin, Violin, Cello) and Tenor Saxophone and the other composed for piano and violin.


Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto (more info)