Skeuomorph – ICIT Concert 3rd of December, 2013

My piece composed for  Creative Practices, 209 taught by Nicole Mitchell within the ICIT program in the Fall Quarter 2013, called Skeuomorph.

This was my first attempt to integrate samples (recorded of each performer) controlled through an iPad.

Each performer was also given a common object with a piezo element attached ; a cardboard box, a can and a water bottle.  This was then processed and the pitch/volume analysed in MaxMSP  to generate data based off the subsequent pitch/volume heard by the object. This information was then run through various sounds generators in MaxMSP.


Richard Savery – Bass Clarinet/iPad
Elizabeth Erickson – Piano/Can
Hassan Estakhrian – Electric Bass/Water Bottle
Ryan Seward – Drums/Cardboard Box