Telematic Computer Conductor

This piece was performed telematically between UCI and UCSD in Fall 2014.  Both locations were linked sonically and visually.


The piece used a shared score projected in both locations that was composed in real time by a composer in both locations as well as a computer composer.


Parameters and choices are sent from iPads (in a way acting as a conductor) at UCI and UCSD, while other parameters are edited by the computer part. It was never obvious if musical notation was coming from one of the iPad conductors or from the computer itself. The computer generates it’s score based on prebuilt music mixed with interactions with the score’s being created by the computer.


I consider this piece and concept very much a work in progress. Due to limited rehearsal time this version is primarily a demonstration of the concept.


Felipe Rossi (Bass Clarinet)
Matthew Kline (Bass)
Kirsten Wiest (Voice)
Kyle Motl (Composer)


Jordan Watson (Guitar)
Anson Brown (Lute)
Anna Okunev (Violin)
Anthony Caulkins (Composer)
Michele Cheng (Composer)
Computer (Composer)


Created by Richard Savery