Zert – Septet Composition

Zert – Richard Savery

The original concept of Zert was to explore orchestration through the use of a slightly unusual larger ensemble. With orchestration in mind I aimed to showcase each individual performer at one time or another throughout the piece. Zert (Czech for Joke) is dedicated to Bill Motzing, who passed away on the 31st of January, 2014, while I was midway through composing. Until I joined the ICIT program Bill was my only composition/arranging/orchestration mentor, from 2008 till the end of 2012 when he moved to New York. He also strongly encouraged me to study overseas, including writing one of the reference’s for my ICIT application.

Performed Wednesday the 14th of May, Winfred Smith Hall, UCI as part of an ICIT Concert

Anna Okunev : Violin
Kania Gandasetiawan : Viola
Richard Savery : Flute/Bari Sax
Paul Sinclair : A Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Tetsuya Endo : Trombone
Hassan Estakhrian : Banjo
Elizabeth Erickson : Melodica