Richard Savery


Computer Lyric Generation

# Other Recent Projects ### Soccer Sonification This project turned data from players and the balls movement into sound.
Soccer Sonification: Enhancing Viewer Experience
R Savery, M Ayyagari, K May, B Walker
25th International Conference on Auditory Display Jason Barnes - the photo should also be with Jason ### Harriet Padberg Harriet Padberg wrote Computer-Composed Canon and Free Fugue as part of her 1964 dissertation in Mathematics and Music at Saint Louis University. This program is one of the earliest examples of text-to-music software and algorithmic composition, which are areas of great interest in the present-day field of music technology, yet has largely been ignored. We recreated the work and shared it with multiple composers. Learning from History: Recreating and Repurposing Sister Harriet Padberg’s Computer Composed Canon and Free Fugue
R Savery, B Genchel, J Smith, A Caulkins, M Jones, A Savery
New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2019 ### Red Hot In 2013 I worked on Red Hot with MacArthur fellow Trimpin on Red hot.

### EEG Drums This was my first and so far only foray into using EEG to control generative music.