Richard Savery


Developing new robotic musicians

In January 2022 I started as a Macquarie University Research Fellow, with the goal of developing new robotic musicians, continuing my research exploring AI, creativity, music and robotics.

My primary focus is the development of Keirzo, a new robot for rapping and drumming. You can see all the details on Keirzo at the robot’s website or check out some demos below.

Freestyle Rap Exchange

Keirzo is able to rap for any length of time with humans of any musical skill level, from professional rappers to non-musicians. Responding back to input phrases, rap, or just single words, Keirzo produces an original rap in real-time along with a groove. Check out the demo below.

Jazz Performance

Keirzo is able to drum along with a human ensemble, using an input from a microphone to accompany. The video below shows Keirzo performing at the Roundtable with the Hon. Anoulack Chanthivong in December 2023. Featuring Mary Rapp on bass and Richard Savery on saxophone.