Richard Savery

Music Performance

Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute


Music performance has been a significant part of my life, playing professionally over the last 15 years on saxophone, clarinet and flute.

On this page is a collection of some highlights from these performances. For more composition work visit my composition page.

LIE: Flower and Convicts

This album was recorded in 2013 with my seven-piece ensemble LIE.

All tracks composed/arranged by Richard Savery

Recorded May 23rd, 2013 by Richard Belkner Mixed/Mastered by Richard Savery Album Artwork/Design by Michele Tanner

  • Richard Savery: Bass Clarinet (1,4,5,8) Bari Sax (2,3,7) Clarinet (6)
  • Jono Savery: Clarinet (2,4-8) Soprano Sax (1,3) Tenor Sax (2,3)
  • Anna Okunev: 5 String Electric Violin (1{solo!},5) Violin (2,3,4,7,8)
  • Mary Rapp: Cello
  • Aaron Flower: Guitar
  • Wilbur Whitta: Piano
  • Finn Ryan: Drums

Interactive Music

Aesthetic Weasal features myself on bari sax, with Juan Rubio on drums and computer on Bass/Guitar/Organ.

MFA Capstone Concert

Artificial Improvisers features computer programs acting as interactive collaborators, improvising and composing music in real time with human performers. These computers aim to be truly interactive, through active listening and engagement with a human musician. Each program aims to remain autonomous and capable of producing its own music without a human performer. The computer moves through a variety of roles in each piece, at times acting as an equal improviser, other times as a composer/conductor, and other times taking a leading role. The full playlist of the concert is below.

Flute Duet with Nicole Mitchell

A composition for two flutes, featuring Nicole Mitchell and myself on flutes.

Selected Recordings as Ensemble

Anna Okunev Quintet Quintet featruing original jazz compoistions. I’m baritone saxophone and bass clarinet.

Invisible People (A Radio Opera) Invisible People is a studio project whose recordings form the backbone of Yvette Janine Jackson’s radio operas. I’m on baritone saxophone and bass clarinet.

Spatia, concierto/instalación telemática interactiva A Telematic Concert directed by Juan David Rubio. Performers in Irvine, USA and Bogota, Columbia. I performed on flute. An accompanying paper was also written on this performance for the Leonardo Music Journal