Richard Savery

Shimon Sings

AI Lyric Generation


When I joined the robotic musicianship lab at Georgia Tech, Shimon the Robot had been performing for eight years. One area that had never been explored was lyrics and Shimon as a singer song writer. In 2020 we released the album Shimon Sings. I developed the lyrical generator and used many of my musical generation systems to create musical tracks for the album.

For a real-time lyrical system you can view Shimon Raps


This project was featured in many articles. Some highlights:

Musical Robot Learns to Sing, Has Album Dropping on Spotify - IEEE Spectrum, 19th March 2020

Shimon the Singing Robot Is Both Creepy and Captivating - Gizmodo, 28th February 2020

Bot Dylan’: Singer-songwriter robot called Shimon can write its own lyrics after studying tens of thousands of words penned by the musical greats - and has an album out in the Spring - Daily Mail, 6th March 2020

Shimon: Singer, songwriter, robot - Natonal Science Foundation, 12th March 2020

Singer-Songwriter Robot is Heading Out on Tour - Futurity, 27th February 2020

There really is a robot releasing music on Spotify - Music All, 20th March, 2020

Album and Music Videos


Shimon Sings - Robotic Musicianship Finds its Voice

Forthcoming Book Chapter in Handbook of Artificial Intelligence for Music (editor Eduardo Miranda)

Richard Savery, Lisa Zahray, Gil Weinberg