Richard Savery


EEG, Robotics and Soccer

Sonification is the process of turning data into sound. I’ve worked on multiple sonification projects, including robot gesture sonification, soccer sonification and EEG sonification.

Robot Sonification

In this work we develop a divergent approach to robotic sonification with the goal of improving the quality and safety of human-robot interactions. Sonification has been underutilized in robotics, and has broad potential to convey robotic movement and intentions to users without requiring visual engagement. We designed and evaluated six different sonifications of movements for a robot with four degrees of freedom.


Robot Gesture Sonification to Enhance Awareness of Robot Status and Enjoyment of Interaction

Lisa Zahray, Richard Savery, Liana Syrkett, Gil Weinberg

29th IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication, 2020


Listen to more Robot Sonification here

Soccer Sonification

This project was developed with the Georgia Tech Sonification Lab, led by Bruce Walker. It focused on using data provided by soccer clubs of player and ball movement with the purpose of providing extra information and entertainment to a general audience.


Sonification: Enhancing Viewer Experience

R Savery, M Ayyagari, K May, B Walker

25th International Conference on Auditory Display

EEG Sonification

This project mapped alpha, beta, theta and delta from a 32 channel EEG signal to various generative music processes.